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BRI ( Belt and Road Initiative ) Chinese Healthcare Centre is a leading Traditional Chinese Medicine and Well-being centre.

We have an expert team with Chinese Doctors with over 40 years experience in each of their fields who provide high-standard professional healthcare services with the help of acupuncture, acupressure and Chinese natural herbs.

Dr. Zhiduo Wang

graduated from Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1970, majoring in medical treatment. He has had excellent experience in Chinese medicine treatment almost 50yrs. He was educated by professor Liu Duzhou and Wang Jinzhi who are renowned in traditional Chinese medicine. He excels at treating internal and gynaecological diseases, such as gastrointestinal disorder, cough, asthma, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, irregular menstruation, Premenstrual tension, menopausal syndrome, habitual abortion, and infertility.

Our Doctors

Dr. Youzhong Wu was academically trained and awarded accordingly his bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in both Western Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. He graduated in Medicine at the Nanjing Medical University.
During the last 26 years he has been practicing medicine both in Chinese hospitals and UK independent clinics. Youzhong wu acupuncture london
His versatile experiences have provided him abundant opportunities to develop a unique and individualized approach involving the use of the combination of both Chinese and Western medicine to maximize the treatment results for every individual patient.
Dr. Youzhong Wu also regularly lectures to local doctors within the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine and also regularly contribute to medical journals and has published many articles about Traditional Chinese Medicine.
He is very proud of his rich experiences in diagnosing and treating complicated medical conditions with integrated methods including massage osteopathy herb drinks, acupuncture, Taichi and Qigong to restore patients’ overall health wellbeing.

Dr. Yaoting Zeng

Have a bachelor degree of TCM & English, Graduated from Hunan University of TCM.
Over 15 years of clinical practice. Experienced in treating Menstrual Disorders,menopause, PCOS, Endometrosis, Infertility.
Also expertised in neck and shoulder pain ( Cervical Spondylosis), Frozen Shoulder, backache, Sciatica ( spinal disc herniation), knee pain( osteoarthritis) with treatment of acupuncture tuina and herbal remedies.

Dr. Yingguo Xian (an expert in pain relief) is the sixth generation practitioner of bonesetting (Chinese) and one of Liu Haiqi’s disciple. Dr. Xian was graduated from Shenyang Zhongshan Medical School, majoring in bonesetting, massage and acupuncture. He has practiced in both China and London Chinese medical clinics for over 42 years. He is an expert in healing a variety of sports injuries, spinal injuries, periarthritis of shoulders, tennis elbow, tenosynovitis, lumbosacral pain, prolapse of lumbar intervertebral disc, Sciatica, acute and chronic lumbar sprain, knee and ankle pain.

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